Quality and Safety Software for Life Sciences & Pharmaceutical Companies

ETQ Reliance

QMS software to accelerate quality improvement in life sciences and pharmaceuticals

Speed and accuracy of reporting determines who’s first to market and which life sciences and pharma companies thrive long-term—in a competitive environment rife with uncertainty. Organizations today need to adhere to strict timelines in multiple global regions to maximize profitability, especially when products are within the critical window of protection. Keeping pace with evolving regulations and standards demands quality automation, used by market leaders as a driver of digital transformation.

A focus on quality creates a culture of compliance

  • Protect brand value
  • Avoid reputational risks
  • Improve supplier quality
  • Collaborate with suppliers on corrective actions
  • Reduce quality costs
  • Proactively identify nonconformances
  • Mitigate quality and compliance risks
  • Speed up document revisions
  • Reduce corrective action closure time
  • Standardize quality processes and documentation
  • Comply with 21 CFR Part 11 for electronic systems
  • eMDR Electronic Form Submission

ETQ SaaS and Trust
ETQ Reliance is a (SaaS) application that offers customers a fully managed software solution that vastly reduces the technology footprint required for QMS software, and delivers an always-on, always-updated, redundant and secure software environment that scales with customers' needs.

Complaint Management

Use post-market feedback to improve products, respond quickly to complaints and report to government agencies.


Data Integration

Data silos stand in the way of operational excellence. Integrated reporting gives you the big picture of quality and speeds up new product introduction.



Compliance mistakes can mean the difference between success and failure. Be ready for audits with an automated system that imports applicable requirements and tracks compliance gaps.


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