Incidents, Accidents and Safety Reporting

Incident Management
Safety Incident Management Software

As part of the process of continual improvement, it is important that all incidents and accidents are recorded, investigated, and actions are taken to prevent or reduce the chance of recurrence. This database allows you to set up records of all incidents/accidents and to collect the required information to conduct investigations, including a risk analysis.

The Incidents, Accidents and Safety Reporting module has the ability to generate safety reports that can be submitted to regulatory agencies such as OSHA. These reports provide a key component for Safety Reporting and is a core functionality of most Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) solutions.

  • Ready to use templates for OSHA 300, 301, and 300A: Out-of-the-box templates for OSHA regulations automatically inherit required data from the Incident form.
  • Export options for OSHA Reports: Reports saved as PDF and more.

Incidents, Accidents and Safety Reporting Software is just one of the many processes EtQ's EHS Software streamlines and simplifies. EtQ's Software lets you take full advantage of the familiarity that most of your users already have with a Web browser by providing an interface with which they are already comfortable and productive. Modules within the EHS Software suite include: SDS Software, Crisis Management, Monitoring & Inspection, Environmental Aspects, Targets & Objectives, and more.

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Initiate Incident Management or Accident

  • Initiate records to record various types of EHS Incidents and Accidents
  • Record Incident/Accident Details, Witness Statements and information on external resources involved
  • Utilize Office Integration templates for notifying external agencies
  • Automatically notify responsible personnel

Investigate Incident Management

  • Assign for investigation of incident/accident cause(s)
  • Perform Risk Assessment
  • Determine action(s) to be taken
  • Launch CAPAs as necessary


  • Use the CAPA process to prevent recurrence of Incidents or Accidents
  • Incident data will be automatically inherited into the CAPA
  • Dual link between Incident/Accident and CAPA
  • Automatically lookup and display related Incidents/Accidents and CAPAs

Approval with Incident Management

  • Assign for Approval and Closure
  • Automatically notify affected parties of Incident resolution

Safety Reporting with Incident Management and Accidents

  • Closed Incidents will be retained within the module for future trending and reporting
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