Food Safety Software

Promote control and visibility within your Food Safety & Quality System to comply with regulatory and industry requirements, mitigate risks and adverse events, promote document traceability and automate processes in your organization.

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What is Food Safety Software?

Food safety software is a platform with the expressed intent of managing and tracking food safety within an organization. Typically workflow-based, the food safety software system provides traceability in documentation, HACCP process management, auditing capabilities, corrective action, and other related functions to ensure that organizations are operating safely in the food and beverage industry.

Since implementing EtQ Reliance, Carolina Beverage’s initial challenges have been effectively addressed. They now have almost all Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) housed within the EtQ system and have removed all uncontrolled copies from their file server.

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Take Control.

Standardize and centralize all your food safety and quality processes and records in a single location making it easier to create, approve and distribute shared documents. It’s document control made easy.

  • Integration of your document system for single or multiple locations
  • More control and consistency in document and record creation and retention (policies, procedures, forms, etc)
  • Better visibility over processes and activities both internally and externally
  • Streamline your system with automated workflow and notifications—reduce resources and eliminate paper waste
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Food Safety Software by EtQ

According to the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), 52% of all recalls cost more than $10M and 23% cost more than $30M. This means that after mitigating a single recall, EtQ’s Food Safety Management System more than pays for itself.

What is the Regulatory and Consumer Impact on Food Safety?

Ever-Increasing Risk of Compliance impact on Food Safety

In the Food and Beverage industry, brand loyalty and compliance are critical components to success. With an increased brand exposure to product recalls and noncompliance event, consumers are more aware of how a company’s food safety program affects their product choices. Furthermore, the risk of noncompliance can have a damaging effect on a product’s brand reputation, and the company’s financial impact overall.

Impact on Brand Equity and Supply-Chain Compliance

One of the key factors in food safety compliance lies in the ability to gain better traceability and visibility into the supply-chain. With the new Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), the FDA has the power to force a food recall, whether the brand owner is liable or their suppliers. Based on the need to maintain FSMA compliance, many organizations are looking to implement a food safety software solution that not only manages processes, such as Hazard Analysis and Crtitical Control Points (HACCP) programs, but also incorporates overall global supplier quality traceability.

Safety & Compliance throughout the Supply Chain.

EtQ has built its solution on a foundation of more than 20 integrated modules to meet your food safety and quality needs. Each module is built with robust flexibility so you can make the software unique to you.

Foundation of over 20 Modules including:

  • Document Control
  • Corrective Action
  • Audit Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Specification Management

Document Traceability: Event Detection to Event Closure.

The power of EtQ’s platform is the ability to automatically integrate modules. Data is transferred from one process to the next, and you can identify an event, launch an investigation or corrective action, document the resolution and have all the information traced back throughout the event trail. All the event history is captured in one place.

food quality management software by ETQ

Audit Ready, All the Time.

Don’t get caught off guard—you want a solution that will give you clear visibility and easy access to your processes at all times. With EtQ Reliance, you’ll always be audit ready. EtQ’s integrated modules provide full document traceability.

  • Centralized, standardized processes, documents and records
  • Employee training documented and linked to related processes
  • Event history from detection to correction in a single rolled up view
  • Speedy generation of automated reports to demonstrate compliance
  • Demonstration of supplier management—selection/approval, compliance and performance
  • Manage internal and external audits including scheduling, reporting and corrective action follow-up
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Gain Superior Supplier Visibility & Response Time.

Get visibility into your supplier’s quality processes and take back control of quality and safety with EtQ’s Supplier Management solutions.

  • Increased integration and collaboration between you and your supplier
  • Reduce the time needed to resolve adverse events
  • Use the Reliance Cloud Portal—EtQ’s dedicated cloud option—for controlled supplier access
  • More effective and timely interaction to ensure suppliers are the right partners for you (responsive, collaborative, compliant)
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Mitigate Food Safety Risk and Foster Better Decision Making.

Food Safety Management that Provides Visibility and Control

EtQ Reliance Food Safety Management Software solution is design to provide organizations with the visibility into their processes, as well as traceability of safety and compliance within the supply-chain. Using EtQ’s automated flexible workflow platform, organizations are able to configure the processes associate with their food safety processes, and integrate them with supplier and consumer feedback. This provides a seamless, connected process that meets unique processes, and provides a chain of compliance throughout the food chain.

Regulatory Reporting and Risk Mitigation

Through EtQ’s food safety software solutions, organizations are able to comply with the FDA FSMA regulations, GFSI compliance schemes, and their internal process, and mitigate risk on any non-compliances that can result in product recalls. With over 20 modules dedicated to food safety, you are able to build a food safety program that provides this level of visibility and control. Finally, you are able to foster better decision making through EtQ’s Risk Management tools and Enterprise Reporting and Analytics utilities. This allows you to identify top risks, report on any adverse events, and take immediate, real-time action to prevent any potential non-compliance within your food safety system.

  • " Using EtQ, new audit prep time has been reduced to under 10 minutes, as many new audits that need to be conducted are ready to launch at the click of a button, and now all related audits are easy to find from EtQ'S Audit Management Solution. "

    − Director of Quality, Consumer Packaging Corporation
  • "Given the rapid development time that we’re able to achieve using the EtQ Reliance platform, the business benefited greatly by having an enterprise class system implemented in such a short time. "

    − Food Safety Manager, Food Service Organization
  • "Our Internal audit programs can now be managed by one person from almost anywhere in the world. Before EtQ, managing the internal audit system (and other components of the quality system require 4-5 people. Now, it takes one person."

    − VP of Quality, Beverage Manufacturer
  • "With EtQ in place, we are able to reduce their amount of time needed to document, search and track and trend information."

    − VP of Quality Improvement, Consumer Product Corporation

Food Safety Management Features.

Flexible Business Process Automation.

EtQ'a Flexible Workflow Engine enables users to configure business processes, without programming. Build a workflow, forms, fields and keyword to meet your unique business needs, easily and efficiently.

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Interact and Collaborate with Your Supply Chain.

The EtQ Reliance Cloud Portal is a cloud-based Reliance installation that provides a safe, secure way for you to extend your processes to your supply chain.Simply put, the Reliance Cloud Portal connects you to the world outside your four walls. You control what is pushed to the cloud, and can pull information from suppliers, customers, or anyone you want. The choice is yours.

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Built In Enterprise Reporting & Analytics.

Through EtQ's built-in reporting and analytics, you can filter compliance data, drill-down on trends and make more informed decision. In other words — make more sense of your compliance data.

  • Filter Views and Search on any record or attachment
  • Drill-down Charting and Reporting
  • Schedule Templated reports
  • Built Exception reports to get real-time notification on compliance data
  • User-configurable Analytics pulls data from any data field in any application

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Compliance Doesn't End at your Desk.

Another aspect of EtQ Reliance for Food Safety that makes it easy to use is its mobile functionality. EtQ Reliance goes where your business goes, and you can easily make any module mobile using our mobile platform designer. Then, use our Reliance app to connect to your enterprise compliance solution, and work online or offline — the choice is yours.

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