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When building and nurturing a food safety culture, food chain stakeholders are faced with challenges that include quality of products, continuous improvement, compliance with regulatory bodies, and safety and quality that spans the entire enterprise and supply chain.

How EtQ Helps

EtQ for Food and Beverage helps ensure safety and quality are inherent throughout all processes within all levels of the supply chain. Safety in food is a top priority in manufacturing, HACCP, ISO 22000, SQF, BRC and IFS processes—all of which can be managed with EtQ.

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Quality Management

Quality Management for Food and Beverage helps maintain regulatory compliance, integrates data across the enterprise and mitigates risk.

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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management is important for extending processes to 3rd parties to ensure collaboration while keeping data secure.

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EHS Management

EHS Management solutions ensure compliance with EHS standards to ensure a high level of safety in all processes.

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Risk Management

Risk Management allows companies to ensure processes are effective in reducing and mitigating the risk of foodborne illness.

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Regulatory Compliance

Quality Management System software helps compliance with food safety initiatives such as HACCP, ISO 22000 and more.

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Ensure produce/protein safety (farm management)

  • Risk Management: What adds risk during the growth cycle? Pests, chemicals, environmental pathogens, and so on. Quantitative Risk Management technology provides a systematic and objective means of building risk into all food safety processes so you can make better decisions, filter events and better mitigate and prevent risks within your QMS.
  • Good Agricultural Practices: GAPs can be established based on your risk assessment and hazards that are inherent to growing can be minimized or eliminated before they can become a problem. Proper training on these GAPs will ensure that supplies received from these growers are safe and high quality.
  • Document Control: Multiple locations, programs, and documentation systems? Keep all of your records and documents in a single location, making it easier to create, approve and distribute all documents while standardizing programs across your enterprise. EtQ makes document control easy.
  • Training: EtQ's QMS Software for Food & Beverage includes employee training management software to track employee profiles and schedule training events. Use the system to manage the identification, responsibilities, authorities, training and certification requirements for each employee in an easy-to-use environment. The Training module provides a simple way to schedule and record training.
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Ensure ingredient/product quality and safety

  • Supplier Management/Rating: EtQ’s Supplier Management modules provide you with the tools to manage and track suppliers and materials and how they rate and impact compliance. With EtQ’s comprehensive reporting, you can uncover trends in supplier compliance, set alerts on supplier events as they happen and regularly assess the “compliance health” of your supply chain.
  • Product Specifications: Get rid of those Excel spreadsheets and Word documents. Document Control software is ready-to-use for document types such as manuals, procedures, work instructions, forms, job descriptions, product specifications, inspection specifications, test methods and much more.
  • Integration: The power of EtQ’s Platform is the ability to automatically integrate modules. Integrating all your food safety and quality processes closes the loop on any adverse events or product non-conformances. You can also extend the system to suppliers—with the Reliance Cloud Portal you decide what to share with 3rd parties.
  • HACCP/HARPC: EtQ’s QMS provides applications specifically engineered to support compliance initiatives such as HACCP/HARPC. EtQ helps maintain quality to HACCP/HARPC while providing a workflow platform to adapt to changing business processes, without programming.
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  • MES Integration: EtQ offers a comprehensive set of integration technologies built on top of the EtQ Reliance API (Application Programming Interface) that dramatically reduces the effort associated with integration. EtQ provides multiple options to integrate successfully by leveraging standard technologies like SQL, Web Services and Java®.
  • Environmental Monitoring: EtQ's Monitoring and Inspection module is designed to set up monitoring plans for both operational and environmental processes, ensuring that all food safety processes are monitored and tracked.
  • Sanitation: Proper sanitation must take place at all stages of handling food to ensure the safety of the end product and consumers. The QMS guides you through compliance with the ISO 22000 standard’s guidelines for sanitation.
  • CAPA/CAR: With EtQ’s integrated modules, data is inherited from one process to the next, and you can launch a Corrective Action directly from any adverse event, and have the data traced back to its source. This way, you can view the entire history of an event, from the moment it was recorded to the moment it was resolved.
  • Audit Management: Don’t get caught off guard—you want a solution that will give you visibility into your processes. With EtQ’s Audit Management solution you’ll always be audit ready, and with EtQ's integrated modules, you can quickly show full traceability, from event detection to event correction.
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Retail/Food Service

Reduce impact of recalls, streamline communication throughout food chain

  • Recall Management: Your quality management system will help you track material and trace it from the customer back to the source. Document Control ensures that all processes are traceable as well. Quickly trace identify and locate affected materials and send out notifications to all customers. EtQ will guide an organization seamlessly through each step of the recall process and ensure that nothing is overlooked, that processes are properly executed and the chance of human error is drastically reduced.
  • Streamline Communication: Communicate faster, better and ensure you have closed the loop between suppliers, supervisors and more. EtQ makes communication automatic and improves visibility to ensure you can collaborate effectively with all necessary components.
  • Store Integration: Your quality management system will be able to break down those silos between corporate and individual entities (stores, restaurants, etc) by integrating systems and providing standardized processes, programs, documentation and training. Timely dissemination of information will ensure everyone is on the same page and has input across the enterprise.
  • Customer Feedback: Your QMS system will make it quick and easy to collect information needed in different places pertaining to specific customers. Within the module, you can store customer information such as name, contact information, order numbers and other internal contacts of that specified customer. Within other applications, such as supplier rating, you will find customer information subforms that inherit their data from the customer complaint management module by selecting the appropriate customer name.

Since implementing EtQ Reliance, Carolina Beverage’s initial challenges have been effectively addressed. They now have almost all Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) housed within the EtQ system and have removed all uncontrolled copies from their file server.

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Challenges Facing the Food and Beverage Industry

Food and Beverage organizations are facing numerous challenges in our ever growing and evolving world. The increased globalization of the industry, intensified regulatory pressures and fierce competition are only a few of these challenges. Add to that emerging risks due to changes in consumer tastes and trends, demands for more innovation and advances in technology and you have a complex and dynamic business to manage. The risks are high and you need the right tools to be able to manage all these moving parts. The right Quality Management Software for food and beverage will support all these efforts and more.

Audit & Inspection Readiness

Showing compliance will require you to be audit and inspection ready at all times. We know that regulatory agencies (FDA, USDA, OSHA) can show up on your doorstep without notice and more 3rd party audit parties are also requiring unannounced audits. Therefore, it is crucial that you be audit/inspection ready at all times. Audit Management can be broken down into two processes:

The right QMS will provide you with an Audit Management tool that can handle all of these. EtQ's solution for the food and beverage industry has an automated audit tool that provides you with the means to develop and implement audit plans, schedules, templates, checklists, evaluation methods, and corrective action follow-up. EtQ's software also provides Document Control, Employee Training and Change Management modules that can assist during regulatory and 3rd party audits by streamlining, centralizing and organizing your documents and records for easy access and review.

Safety in food is a top priority in manufacturing, and HACCP/HARPC, ISO 22000, SQF, BRC, and IFS processes help an organization ensure that this is the case in all food and beverage production. EtQ will help to ensure that your system is in compliance with these initiatives, and with modules such as Document Control and Risk Assessment, will automate all procedures across your enterprise while incorporating safety and quality into every step of the process. This unified process for handling food safety and food quality issues results in an efficient system, where no time is lost and no problem overlooked - ensuring safety from farm to fork.

Compliance, Food Safety & Quality

Compliance, food safety and quality are the foundation for building a successful Food and Beverage business. They are all integrated with each other and should be fully addressed in any quality solution. The first thing we think of when someone mentions compliance are regulatory requirements—laws, rules and regulations we have to comply with (e.g., FDA Food Code, FSMA, CFR 21). We are expected to follow regulatory requirements both locally and globally. Meeting GFSI or ISO standards and customer requirements are also a form of compliance. Being fully compliant will require you to have a robust food safety and quality program. Food safety should be at the core of everything you do. Brand protection and consumer trust go hand in hand. Ensuring the safety of your products is job number one. Once you have implemented your food safety programs (HACCP/HARPC, Sanitation, Allergen Control, Foreign Material Control, etc.) and assured your customers of the safety of your product, you can start focusing more on Quality. Quality is what drives consumer loyalty. Quality involves meeting product specifications and customer expectations. It can involve initiatives around continuous improvement, waste reduction and defect elimination. EtQ provides a Quality Management System with a comprehensive set of modules, such as Document Control, HACCP, CAPA, and Complaints Handling, to help automate these food safety and quality programs and ensure compliance throughout your system.

Supply Chain Management

Supplier risk is a growing concept. We know that the Food and Beverage industry is becoming less vertically integrated and more dependent on both local and global suppliers which means less visibility and control than we’ve seen in the past. Add to that the need to use contract manufactures and co-packers in order to remain innovative and nimble to keep up with competition and you have an ever changing, growing supply chain system. You will need a QMS that can help you manage all the risk that is inherent with using these external partners. Food safety process like Supplier Management and Product Specifications assist with this enterprise. Selecting, auditing and approving the right suppliers is the first step in mitigating risk in your supply chain. But the management of that partnership, including good communication and collaboration, with those suppliers is critical as well. EtQ provides you will the tools to manage external partners and can even provide them with the necessary access to your automated software tools to reduce the burden on your internal resources.

Globalization/Business System Integration

There is no question that our world is getting smaller as we start to become more and more global. We are seeing more mergers and acquisitions and more companies expanding their footprint beyond their home country. This adds further complexity to business systems integration. As your business evolves across the enterprise, and more programs and processes are either added or merged, the ability to communicate between these systems becomes difficult. As a result, crucial processes are disjointed and often rely on manual “jumping” between systems, which can lead to inefficiencies in the process. EtQ’s software features a robust integration layer that allows for information to be passed to and from external systems, widening the scope of the system to include ERP, MRP, MES and other business systems.

By automating each step in the process through the use of a Food Safety Management System, you can remain confident that your processes are compliant and that each step in the process is closely monitored to ensure that operational risks are kept under control. EtQ's Food Safety Management Software will also give you the ability to streamline processes, reduce inefficiencies due to paper-based forms, as well as provide greater visibility into your system all with the goal of demonstrating your commitment to food safety and food quality. Most notably, using quantitative Risk Assessment tools, you can identify hazards more effectively, make the process more efficient, and mitigate any unforeseen risks down the food chain.