Remote Training on EtQ Reliance

In addition to our implementation services and support, EtQ also provides customers with additional training on a remote basis. Customers can choose from two levels, and get certified in EtQ Reliance through our training program.

Our Remote Training program provides several benefits:

The goal of this training is to provide an easy way to get you and your users current on their training needs, with minimal scheduling. The program is designed to give you the same training you would get from an onsite resource, with the flexibility of choosing how and when you can train. Below is a list of the training events for this year:

Named Caller Training (Basic and Administration): Best suited for new administrators, or those looking to learn the basics of EtQ Reliance:

August 08/13-08/15
September 09/17-09/19
October UC Dates 15-17
November 11/13-11/15


Intermediate Designer Training: Best suited for administrators who have either taken the basic and want to grow their skillset, or users who are looking to do more with their Reliance implementation:

July 07/23-07/26
August 08/20-08/23
September 09/24-09/27
October UC Dates 15-17
November 11/26-11/29


To Sign Up: Contact our Training Coordinator at to schedule your training program.