ETQ COVID-19 QMS and EHS Resources

We are living in a time of unprecedented disruption to our work and personal lives. Today, individuals and organizations are discovering what it means to be truly agile, adaptable and flexible. At ETQ, we understand this need and want to offer some assistance. The collection of COVID-19 QMS and EHS Resources offered here bring together our learnings and best practices so that we can help our quality and safety customers and fellow professionals deal with the pandemic and make strong, informed decisions during this important time.

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ETQ Academy — Online Training for ETQ Reliance
Build a culture of quality with ETQ Reliance QMS software training with comprehensive certification, rich overview curricula, and “bite-sized” hints and tips (microlearning).

Virtual Implementations
Let’s go virtual! ETQ can implement remotely so you can continue to develop and expand your usage of Reliance in this current environment.

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On Demand Webinar

Quality Management in the Real World: Supplier Quality During Crisis

Speakers: Nick Metrakos, Solutions Consultant, and David Isaacson, Senior Director, Product Marketing, ETQ

The current crisis has created new levels of pressure on supply chain quality, whether it is rapidly onboarding new suppliers, managing receiving and inspections remotely or just keeping up with the accelerated pace of change. Join Nick Metrakos, Solutions Consultant at ETQ, an ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 Lead Auditor in this short, 30 minute session to learn how to manage these new challenges and how a well implemented QMS may help.

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Survey Summary

COVID-19 QMS Work Survey

We learned that COVID is changing how quality teams are working. Although many QMS users found they were well prepared,there are significant changes to important quality processes. In addition many quality managers are working remotely in new locationsand some are finding it challenging to collaborate, access information and change processes while others are finding those adaptationsare relatively easy to make.

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Quality Digest Webinar: The Rise of Quality as a Strategic Initiative: 2020 Survey Results and Analysis

Speakers: Nina McIntyre, Chief Marketing Officer, Morgan Palmer, Chief Technology Officer, Nick Metrakos, Solutions Consultant and Michel Moravia, Product Manager of Quality, ETQ

ETQ engaged leading research firm, Salloway Associates, to survey 300 C-level executives, quality and IT managers to learn key trends and common challenges with their quality initiatives. .

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Quality Management White Paper

Key Changes in ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 brought with it a mindset shift. While the requirements are still there, the 2015 revisions encourage organizations to focus on the final goal: delivering consistent quality to customers through people and processes. The flexibility inherent in those changes laid the groundwork for integrating technology configured to work with a particular organization’s processes and workflows.

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Blog Post

Audits in the Time of Coronavirus

In a time of staff displacement, quality audits can be done virtually with some creativity, planning and technology! Travel is restricted, companies have moved to virtual work wherever possible, and the world is attempting to maintain some normalcy in the face of a global pandemic. While the long-term economic impact on supply chains has yet to be seen, there is still an obligation on the part of companies to attempt to maintain supplier quality activities, especially audits.

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How EHS and Quality are Now Better Together

Speakers: Morgan Palmer, Chief Technology Officer, and Isabel Velasco, Industry Analyst, Verdantix

EHS and quality are increasingly managed under a single business function to gain significant process efficiencies and improve incident prevention, according to recent research. Join industry experts from Verdantix and ETQ to learn three key scenarios of efficient EHSQ integration.

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Quality Management White Paper

ETQ QMS Guide: Time to Drop Paper & Spreadsheet-based Processes

In 2018, United Airlines redesigned its inflight magazine to weigh an ounce less than the previous issues saving the company $290,000 in fuel and operating costs. This perfectly illustrates a paradigm shift within competitive markets; gone are the days of relying on the old company adage, “this is how it’s always been done.” Business leaders now ask, “how can it be done smarter, faster and easier?”

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Blog Post

ETQ Salutes Customers Recognized for Their Pandemic Work

At ETQ, we spend a lot of time thinking about our “customers’ customer.” Today, in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, it is conceivable that some of our customers’ customers are, in fact, every single one of us. From life science and healthcare companies of all kinds delivering badly needed supplies and researching potential treatment and vaccine options, to “traditional” manufacturing companies modifying their production lines to build healthcare equipment, our respect and admiration for our customers grows daily.

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Risk Management White Paper

How to Define and Build a Risk Management Strategy for Quality and Compliance Management Systems

Change is the only constant in business. Evolving products, processes and regulations are all driving one another towards faster rates of change, making quality and compliance management more and more complex. Organizations must address quality, safety and compliance, but these efforts can become disorganized with added business complexity. The question becomes, how can companies deliver on mission-critical responsibilities in the face of accelerating change?

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ETQ 2020 Survey and Analysis

The Rise of Quality as a Strategic Business Initiative

ETQ engaged leading research firm, Salloway Associates, to survey 300 C-level executives, quality and IT managers to learn key trends and common challenges with their quality initiatives. This first-of-its-kind survey uncovered an important shift how organizations are treating quality – today, more organizations view quality as a strategic initiative, not just a compliance need. In fact, survey data shows 66% of organizations categorize quality as a strategic growth investment with and average ROI on quality programs of 23%. This ebook also includes the results of an additional survey on the business and quality process impacts of COVID-19.