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employee training software by ETQ

Your employees deserve the knowledge to put their best foot forward. EtQ’s Training Management solution ensures that your workforce is knowledgeable and skilled—all of the time.

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training management software by ETQ

We used several different systems here, and when we evaluated [EtQ’s] ability to function for us as a true enterprise content management system for our entire site, none of them were quite up to the task.

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Training & Tracking Management Software

EtQ's software for employee training management tracks employee profiles and schedules training events. The software also manages the identification, responsibilities, authorities, training and certification requirements for each employee in an easy-to-use environment. This database provides a simple way to schedule and record training.

EtQ’s software for employee training tracking ensures that your workforce is knowledgeable and skilled on all of their responsibilities. The result is training management software for employees that is consistent and effective.

  • EtQ’s software for employee training tracking reduces the risk of adverse safety events that could arise as the result of insufficient training
  • Eliminates the need for manual processes, greatly reducing the risk of human error
  • Software for employee training tracking ensures consistency in training processes
  • Provides a centralized location for all training activities
  • Training Management Software integrates employee data
  • Provides automated testing

Part of any organization, whether you are complying with frameworks such as ISO or your own internal policies, is the need for a knowledgeable and trained employee base. Having a system that records employee tracking and employee training is critical to compliance, especially when you are looking to ensure policies, procedures and work instructions are followed. EtQ’s employee training software provides the centralized platform for tracking employees, as well as their training records. By linking EtQ’s training tracking software module to other modules such as document control, you can ensure that released documentation is directly linked to employee training. With EtQ’s employee training Software module, you can also link training events to questions, quizzes and self-certification to update and track training competence. You can also link EtQ’s Training Tracking Software module to external HR business systems, to pull employee records, directories, and learning management elements.

How EtQ Can Help

Import/Create Employee Profiles

  • Employee profiles contain all relevant employee information
  • Import and synchronize with existing systems
  • Supports multiple job positions
  • Identify reports to be used for various assignments and notifications
  • Grouping of employees based on Job Position and user definable groups
  • Employee Grouping can be used for assignment and notifications
  • In-activate employees and maintain training history
  • Cross functional training and Job Position History

Define Employee Training Requirements

  • User definable training requirements grouping based on job position and user definable groups
  • Automatic loading and synchronization of training requirements from EtQ's document control software module
  • Automatic loading of training requirements to all employee profiles based on job position or user defined groups
  • Identify training requirements as prerequisites
  • Automatically resolves duplicate requirements shared in various job positions

Define Course Profiles

  • Create course profiles for repeated training
  • Course specify training requirements and contain training material and deliverables
  • Automatic notification of invitees and when courses are scheduled or cancelled
  • Identify course prerequisites and define pass/fail criteria
  • Allow users to request training
  • Define expiration date and receive notifications
  • Handle internal, external, add hoc and OJT type training
  • Grandfather training requirements of existing employees

Schedule and Complete Training Tracking

  • Identify employees needing training by training requirement, group or course (i.e. course candidates)
  • Identify qualified trainers based on course training requirements
  • Automated scheduling that identifies who needs to attend training based on training requirements
  • Automatic flagging of candidates that don't meet course prerequisites
  • Allows trainees to perform course evaluations

Training Reports

  • Complete reports identifying training requirements, scheduled, completed and remaining requirements
  • Expired training by individual, group or department
  • Qualified trainees by requirement group
  • Courses still required
  • Ability to easily create user definable reports and charts

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