Emergency Preparedness Plans

Emergency Preparedness Plans

Record personnel, equipment and external organizations associated with emergency procedures. Allows organizations to set reviews and perform drills on these procedures.

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Members of the Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability (EHSS) and other emergency response teams are responsible for the identification, evaluation and reporting of the most probable emergencies, accidents and incidents within the organization. Other employees of the organization must follow and comply with emergency/accidents procedures and instructions to ensure a safe and healthy workplace.

Emergency plans must be reviewed with employees initially when the plan is developed and whenever the plan is changed. A copy should be kept where employees can refer to it at any time.

EtQ’s Emergency Preparedness Plans module provides locations the ability to record personnel, equipment and external organizations associated with these emergency procedures and protocols. The module allows organizations to set reviews and complete drills on these procedures along with any needed training to ensure safety. Furthermore, organizations can directly link the associated policies, procedures and work instructions with the Corrective and Preventative Action (CAPA) module records.

Emergency Preparedness Plans is just one of the many processes EtQ's Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), Quality and Compliance Software streamlines and simplifies. EtQ's EHS, Quality and Compliance Software lets you take full advantage of the familiarity that most of your users already have with a Web browser by providing an interface with which they are already comfortable and productive. Other modules within the EHS Software suite include: Incidents, Accidents and Safety Reporting, Compliance Obligations, Management of Change, Sustainability, Emissions Inventory and more.