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Metals, Mining, and Minerals manufacturers are faced with many challenges. Commodity prices, customer demand, and increased regulations have made these manufacturing processes more competitive. Coupled with the rapid technological advances and a global market, manufacturers must find new ways to improve their processes and maintain quality and safety.

How EtQ Helps

Compliance to such initiatives as ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 is a crucial step for automotive manufacturers. Maintaining this level of quality down the supply chain is a growing challenge facing the automotive industry, and EtQ can help achieve this goal. EtQ is not only able to integrate with external business systems, but can also push/pull data from suppliers to involve the supply chain in the overall process. This increased visibility has made efforts to maintain a level of quality throughout the business.

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Quality Management

Quality Management tools allow users to automate tasks, schedule audits and effortlessly keep records to benefit internal and external performance.

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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management allows metals and mining companies to collaborate more efficiently with the supply chain to ensure a high level of quality and safety.

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EHS Management

EtQ’s EHS software solutions help organizations reduce risk, ensure compliance and improve business performance.

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Risk Management

Risk Management tools provide a systemic and objective way to build risk into all processes, enabling companies to make better decisions, filter events and prevent risks.

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Regulatory Compliance

EHS Management software guides companies through compliance with ISO 14001 and other EHS initiatives.

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Quality management standards such as ISO 9001 and Environmental Management standards like ISO 14001 have become a very important part of the quality and environmental systems of the Metals, Mining, and Minerals industries. EtQ has developed an Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Software system to help maintain quality to these initiatives, while providing a flexible workflow platform to adapt to changing business processes, without programming.

Challenges Facing the Metals & Mining Industry

Business System Integration

As more and more business systems are implemented in an automotive organization, the ability to communicate between these systems becomes difficult. As a result, crucial processes are disjointed and often rely on manual "jumping" between systems, which can lead to inefficiencies in the process. EtQ's EHS Software features a robust integration layer that allows for information to be passed to and from external systems, widening the scope of the quality process to include ERP, MRP, MES and other business systems.

Health and Safety

Employee health and safety is among one of the top risks impacting the Metals, Mining and Minerals industries - increased automation in mining operations has resulted in an increase in safety by decreasing the number of employees needed on site in the more dangerous areas.

A system that can help assess and mitigate risk is important to ensure ease of use of the safety measures that are in place as well as to ensure the safety of employees who are on site. EtQ's Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) module will automatically generate a corrective action request to route through review, root cause, corrective action taken, and verification stages and will automatically generate multiple reports to track the source and cost of all problems, incorporating safety into each step of the process. EtQ's EHS software is also pre-configured to initiate various post-corrective action processes, including electronic distribution of Corrective Action results, Change Management, and Employee Training.


Organizations that are able to ensure high quality at a consistent rate and quickly respond to delivery and customer product needs have the opportunity to exceed the competition. By ensuring quality through the use of an ISO 9001 - based system, safety is increased because specific guidelines are put in place for the operation of all machinery and employees are thoroughly trained in all aspects of their jobs - increasing efficiency across the enterprise. EtQ provides a robust set of modules to increase quality in all aspects, including EtQ's Employee Training module, which enhances the depth of training by managing the identification, responsibilities, authorities, training, and certification requirements for each employee in an easy-to-use environment.

Compliance to Regulatory Pressure

EtQ's EHS software will keep an organization in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards while seamlessly automating all processes through the use of its Legislative and Regulatory Requirements module, which ensures that an organization identifies, accesses and evaluates laws, regulations, and internal organizational requirements that apply to the environmental aspects of its activities, products, and services. Documents including the required OSHA forms will be managed and controlled through the use of EtQ's Document Control module, which will manage the creation, approval, distribution, and archiving of all controlled documents.