Document Management Software

EtQ's document management software is responsible for creating, maintaining and revising documents within a company's document management system. As documents are created or revised, EtQ software solution will provide a robust workflow and intelligent business rules to automate the creation of the records, route the records through one of many document system workflows, and notify the appropriate roles to approve the document. This is all done though EtQ's flexible workflow technology, which allows you to set up the workflow, business rules, document forms, fields and sections within the solution, without programming.

Part of any Document Management System is the ability to review and approve documents, but also needs to be able to foster changes to approved documents within the document management library. EtQ provides a comprehensive and diverse document management workflow, designed to initiate controlled changes to the documents within the system, all housed in EtQ's robust software for document management. EtQ's Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) keep you on track by routing you through the document control workflow process—from creation, review, to approval and beyond.

Once a change is initiated, users and roles within the workflow are assigned and the record is routed through the change request workflow. Business rules ensure that the work is kept on track, and no due dates are missed or roles are left unassigned. The power of having an automated system lies in the ability to keep records secure and controlled, and using Document Management solutions such as EtQ will help to maintain the control necessary to run an effective framework.

EtQ's document management software is just one of the many modules within EtQ's quality management software solution. EtQ's host of modules track compliance and quality through many processes, including, Employee Training, corrective and preventive action, audits, and many more.

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