Complaint Management Software System

Complaint Management System by EtQ

EtQ's Customer Complaint Management Software provides an efficient means for recording and tracking all of your customer data to ensure that you stay organized.

Complaint Management Software by EtQ

With a large number of different customers with different needs and demands, big corporations need an efficient means of recording and tracing data pertaining to their customers. EtQ has produced the proper utility that helps you store, trace, and keep track of all your customers and their records.

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Our customer complaint management software solution is a leading system for customer complaint management and is designed to facilitate you in creating profiles for each separate customer. Within the module, you are able to store customer information such as the name, contact information, order numbers, and other internal contacts of that specified customer.

The customer complaint management software module has made it quick and easy to collect information needed in different places pertaining to specific customers. Hence, within other applications such as supplier rating, you will find customer information subforms that inherit their data from the customer complaint management module by selecting the appropriate customer name.

Complaint Management Systems

EtQ’s complaint management system for customers helps you simplify the way your organization manages complaint tracking. The system for customer complaint management provides insight into where you can improve your business processes. Using an automated complaint management system will enable you to handle complaints quickly with benefits such as:

  • Greater control over the outcome of adverse events
  • Less time needed to resolve adverse events
  • Reduced chance of post market issues
  • Helps prevent adverse events from recurring
  • A faster and more intuitive process by eliminating the need to manually enter data
  • Risk histories that are applied to each product, resulting in a risk portfolio for all products
  • Reporting to provide visibility into adverse trends occurring throughout your enterprise

Benefits of Using a System to Track Complaints

One of the benefits of EtQ's Reliance complaint management system is that you can tie complaint information to other modules, and inherit data to provide a seamless link of compliance activity. One of the key areas is linking complaint information to nonconformities within the nonconformance management module. Direct impact from customer feedback can be integrated with the process of identifying nonconforming materials, setting up deviations, and impacting product quality directly from the management of customer feedback. This linking between modules enables customers to build an integrated, process based to automating compliance, from customer complaint, to product, to corrective action and change management.

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