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Change Management Software

How Does Electronic Change Management Work?

Without a process for change, it becomes a difficult task to organize and create processes that span across the enterprise. For quality management operations, change management and change control are necessary to ensure you are making changes in a logical and effective manner. Using automated workflow software solutions for change management can help streamline this by:

Control the Change Management Process

EtQ's change management software module is designed to manage all aspects of the change management process. The process begins with the initiation of the change management request, which may come from the customer, the supplier, or from an internal member of the company. Using the change management module, you can provide a change summary that describes the change to be implemented, and identifies the affected documents, planned projects, and action plans. It then allows you to submit the request to the appropriate individuals for approval. If the request is approved, it then allows you to monitor all associated activities such as implementing the planned projects and action plans, and updating the associated documentation.

Change Management is a structured approach that achieves improvement on compliance by ensuring a smooth and thorough change control implementation. Changes require an acute analysis that shows all potentially affected processes and products within an organization.

The EtQ Reliance change management module gives you the tools to manage your changes more efficiently. It is designed to manage all aspects of the change control management process from the beginning until the end, helping you reduce cycle time and costs and easily manage changes. You can even run changes in parallel, getting them done faster.

Change Control Management Software by EtQ

Reduces the Cycle Time for Engineering Changes: The change management module improves the change process in many ways for engineering and IT. Using the Workflow technique, the system will make sure that all relevant information is sent to responsible individual(s) on scheduled times in a predetermined way. As soon as one task (in a certain phase) is finished, the document will be sent to the person responsible for the next phase. Each user should complete the task on time (i.e. should meet the specified due date). The due dates are monitored by an escalation management system in order to notify the assigned users (and their managers) that a task is due in a certain period. Time schedules should translate into cost reduction, faster cycle times and improved productivity. Accordingly, the change control management system will make sure that the most appropriate process is followed. This method allows for interactive and responsive working modes between geographically distant sites (plants). It saves time, cuts costs, and provides efficient communication.

Reduces the Costs of Change Management: Again, using the Workflow platform, the company is able to assign a team of users to be responsible for all phases of a change process. The team is then able to follow up progress in work easily because the management system is automated. Hence, controlling the process is enhanced and saves time as well as reduces overhead costs. Good management of the change process leads to customer satisfaction, production efficiency, and lower production costs.

Improves Change Customization: The change control manager can decide the process by selecting which people should receive tasks at a particular time. This will ensure that the most suitably available qualified people do tasks in the right order without rescheduling the entire plan. The productivity of individuals will increase, as will overall product development performance.

Tracks the Change Process: The change management module controls the flow of work so it can easily provide information as to the tasks carried out on the project. This information could include, but not be limited to, the name of the person who carried out the task, when they started working on it, who they received it from, when they stopped working on it, etc. If anything goes wrong, EtQ will be able to track back and see what happened.

Manages Changes Easily: Change management provides on-screen reports (Views). Changes will be easier to manage using the right information available. The decision makers will be able to know which change processes have been completed, how many process are still pending and who is responsible for each one, etc. This will provide faster and reliable reports than manual reporting. In addition, the system provides information about past changes, such as how long they should have taken, how long they took, and where problems occurred. This helps in making good plans for the associated departments (e.g. Engineering Department).

Runs Changes in Parallel and Gets them Done Quicker: Using the change management system, you will know what is happening on a change, as you will control the status of different changes (status will be clear) and will know how much progress had been made.

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Initiate Change with Change Management Software

  • Central repository for all change types
  • Initiate action plan based on change type
  • Action Plan includes assignments & verification criteria for action items
  • Full integration with the planned deviation module
  • Full integration with the document control software module
  • Integration with 3rd party document repositories
  • Look up and display related changes

Route for Review & Approval with Change Management Software

  • Configurable workflow automates review & approval process
  • Intuitive workflow shows change status
  • Assign actions to individuals, groups or roles
  • Multiple routing options: Parallel, Sequential, Voting
  • Conditional routing options
  • Automatic reminder notifications
  • Escalation management

Release & Distribute with Change Management Software

  • Electronic distribution of released documents
  • Record and display electronic signature
  • Automatic conversion to PDF
  • Hard copy distribution tracking
  • Online access to released documents
  • Full text search of metadata & attachments

Train Users with Change Management Software

  • Full integration with EtQ's employee training application documents & schedules training requirements
  • Automatic notification of new training requirements
  • Self-training or testing options available
  • Various reports & views to track completed and remaining training

Perform Reviews & Changes with Change Management Software

  • Automate periodic review of released documents
  • Change request approval process
  • Change request on multiple related documents at once
  • Automatic archiving of old revisions
  • Restore archived documents
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