Aviation Safety Management Systems (SMS)

Building a culture of Safety requires visibility and control. You want to make sure you have the visibility to view safety data from all areas, and have the control to take action on safety events, sometimes before they even happen.

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Aviation Safety Management System

What is Aviation Safety Software?

Aviation safety software systems provide a common, centralized platform to track all safety reports and occurrences from operations within the Aviation industry. These safety events are logged and investigated, and remediation efforts are conducted to mitigate any risk or recurrence. Aviation safety software systems typically involve workflow-based platforms that enable users to route reports through appropriate approvals, calculate risks, and monitor the actions taken to correct any potential safety issues.

A Growing Need for Innovation in Aviation Safety.

Air carriers face numerous compliance challenges around aviation safety management, including complying with regulations and initiatives set forth by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and government regulators such as the Federal aviation Administration (FAA), Transport Canada, and civil aviation authorities (CAA).

Every few seconds, somewhere in the world, an airplane lands or takes off. These flights are all handled in the same manner, each time, from all operational areas of aviation due to universally accepted Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs). ICAO SARPs cover all aspects of international civil aviation—from safety, to air traffic services, to the environment. With all of the events occurring within aviation, whether it is a safety, environmental, quality, or financial issue, this creates a need for an Integrated Airline Management System (IAMS). An effective IAMS would be a seamless integrated system that is easy to use and would effectively manage aviation operations in accordance with the standards set forth by the regulatory bodies of the Aviation industry. EtQ's Aviation Safety Management System (SMS) is part of an accepted IAMS.

Avaiation SMS Software

A Comprehensive Air Safety Management System.

EtQ has built its SMS on a foundation of over 20 best practice software modules, which enables you to leverage and configure processes to meet your needs. All modules are integrated and provide a foundation for configuring a solution to meet your unique needs.

Foundation of over 20 Modules including:

  • Document Control
  • Corrective Action
  • Audit Management
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Crisis Management
  • Change Management

Integrated Approach to Safety Management in Aviation.

EtQ’s Aviation Safety Management Software capabilities include:

  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA) linked to Risk Assessment to proactively mitigate job risk and determine Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other preventive measures needed to mitigate risk
  • Reporting to identify trends across the enterprise
  • Audits linked to Risk Assessment to identify areas in which corrective action is needed to mitigate risk
  • Data table within Reporting to enable configurable templates for Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tracking
  • Overview report to show how well an organization is meeting metrics
  • Operational Report to show frequency of events by occurrence type and effectively record ultimate results and effects.
  • Risk Assessment to determine risk of hazard occurring and measure residual risk

Implement Locally, Deploy Globally.

EtQ's Enterprise platform enables you to not only centralize the solution and manage it locally, but also extend to all areas of the world. The Web-based solution can localize workflows, forms, fields and provide a solution that meets each regions unique needs, while meeting the corporate needs of the enterprise.

EtQ gives you the visibility and control to impact safety.

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Increased Visibility and Control into the Aviation Safety Management System

Fostering Better Decision Making

Through a centralization of data, and visibility into top risks, organizations are able to have a global, holistic view of aviation safety, enabling for better, more informed decision making capabilities. The goal of aviation safety and the processes surrounding safety involve proper management of events, before system failures occur. The goal is proactive management of safety data. EtQ Reliance provides the workflow, best practices and process efficiencies to enable the identification, mitigation and prevention of events.

Advanced Risk Management and Risk Control Program

The ultimate goal of aviation safety is adequate confidence and control over potential failures. Risk management in aviation centers around proactively building controls, both preventive and reactive, to prevent or minimize impact. EtQ Reliance Risk management tools, use leading edge Bowtie risk models to define and control safety risk management programs, and enable organizations to take a risk based approach to safety management.

Foster Greater Visibility into Safety Occurrences.

Safety is the goal—this is why EtQ's Aviation SMS provides you with the visibility into safety events and allows you to take immediate action investigating and taking remediation on compliance.

  • Automatic categorization of safety occurrences at the source
  • Automatic identification and display of related occurrences
  • Built-in Safety Risk Analysis
  • Comprehensive Remediation/Corrective Action with risk mitigation history
  • Real-time Reporting and Analytics provide visibility into the data
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Purpose-Built Solutions for Safety Management Performance.

Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration

Part of the goal of aviation safety management systems involves both the visibility of knowledge from within the organization, but also the ability to communicate safety data to regulatory agencies. EtQ Reliance provides the ability to categorize, search and report on key safety risk management and safety assurance data and make more informed decisions. Furthermore, you can submit this data as needed to the regulatory agencies to demonstrate your commitment to aviation safety.

Promote a Safety Culture with EtQ Reliance

Companies that leverage EtQ Reliance for aviation safety management make a commitment to the promotion of a safety culture within their organization. The software is designed to interact across processes, people and provides the level of visibility and control to enroll the entire company into aviation safety management. Safety is a top priority for all aviation organizations; EtQ Reliance is the centralized, common tool that provides the platform for creating visibility into data, control of top risks, and a platform for making more informed decisions on improving safety.

Go Mobile with EtQ

Safety Doesn't End At Your Desk.

Safety doesn't stop at your desk, nor at the office. In order to effectively manage safety, you need real-time access to data and need to record events as they happen. EtQ's Mobile platform is designed to allow you to extend your modules to a mobile platform. Used online or offline, you can record safety events in your office, out of the office or at 30,000 feet.

Go Mobile with EtQ

Aviation SMS Software Features

Flexible Workflow Configurations.

Through EtQ, users are able to configure all aspects of the solution — workflows, forms, fields, keywords — all configurable without programming. This allows you to match the solution to your processes, and adapt easily to any changes.

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Mobilize any Module on EtQ's Mobile Platform.

EtQ's Mobile platform lets you mobilize any form or module, but also lets you work online or offline:

  • Drag and Drop Mobile designer
  • Mobilize existing modules or create new ones
  • Work Offline when not connected
  • Sync when back in range
  • Leverage native mobile features (camera, GPS, etc.)

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Built In Enterprise Reporting & Analytics.

EtQ has developed a robust reporting and business intelligence platform, built directly into the system. Using charting, report views and alerts, users can enhance the visibility into the data and make more informed decision.

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Risk Management Tools.

EtQ has pioneered the concept of operational risk management in compliance solutions, and has built quantitative tools to support risk-based decision making. EtQ's comprehensive bow tie risk helps to proactively mitigate risks in your SMS.

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