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EtQ’s Audit Management solution gives you clear visibility and easy access to your processes at all times, meaning you’ll always be audit ready.

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Audit Management Software by EtQ

EtQ's audit management software automates the process of auditing the process of surveys, including internal audits and customer satisfaction surveys. All features of each audit type or survey type can be configured without programming. Some key user-definable features include: checklists, question library, evaluation method (numerical scoring or counting) and more.

EtQ’s flexible audit management platform enabled Cooper Tire to configure the Audits module to meet their requirements, without extensive programming or development.

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EtQ Reliance audit control software is a critical component to effective risk management and risk mitigation. Through the use of our best practices audit management software platform, you are able to plan your internal audit program more efficiently, allocate audit resources more effectively, and identify key areas for improvement.

Perhaps one of the most important functions of audit management is identifying and reducing areas of non-compliance within your organization. Companies want to make sure they have complete visibility and control over the auditing process, and are able to streamline the entire process of scheduling, assigning, executing and reporting on audit findings. Audit control is an essential part of a larger risk management strategy, and EtQ’s audit control software solution helps to automate this.

How EtQ Can Help

Build Audit Checklists

  • Checklist for many audit types such as internal audits, vendor audits, customer audits and FDA audits
  • Choose from a number of scoring options
  • Import your existing checklists using Excel
  • Many ready to use checklists and reports for ISO 9000, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, FDA and more
  • Risk assessment throughout the process to guide decision making
  • Full investigation with step-by-step root cause analysis
  • Automatic lookup and display of related investigations and corrective actions
  • Comprehensive CAPA action and effectiveness check plan with risk mitigation history

Audit Plan for Audit Management Software

  • Plan audits for an entire year or more
  • Easily configurable workflow to automate review and approval process
  • Intuitive workflow display to show document status
  • Revision control and change tracking
  • Audit plan assignments are done automatically once the audit plan has been approved
  • Lead Auditor and Auditor will receive e-mail notifications with links to their assigned audits
  • Audit plan includes checklist
  • Lead auditor can create additional checklists or add additional questions to existing ones
  • Automatically send reminder notifications to assigned users and escalate to their managers

Perform Compliance Audits

  • Download audit checklists to work offline
  • Issue action items and assignments to track discrepancies or observations
  • Issue audit report including completed checklists and related action items
  • Automatic online distribution list of audit report
  • Automatic PDF conversion

Assign Actions to Audit Management Software

  • Record initial assessment results
  • Option to close appropriate events at this stage
  • Perform risk assessment using two, three or four dimensions on audit findings
  • Automatic risk calculation and results based on your policies
  • Display decision guidelines based on calculated risk level
  • Risk mitigation history


  • Issue CAPA based on audit findings
  • Audit data will be automatically inherited into CAPA form
  • Dual link between audit and CAPA documents
  • Automatically launch investigation action plan activities and assignments
  • Automatically lookup and display related investigations

Audit Control Software

Through our robust and intelligent workflow technology, EtQ’s Audit management software provides users with the ability to set up audit and auditor profiles, build in templates for a variety of audit types, and build in checklists for various areas to be audited. Then you can pull in the checklists, and execute the audit, either with EtQ Reliance, or on your mobile device. EtQ’s Audit management solution also provides a comprehensive audit report, allowing you to review findings, or take Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) on critical non-compliance events.

An important function of EtQ’s Audit Control solution is the ability to combine audit checklists and eliminate inefficiencies within the auditing process. As part of the new ISO revisions and Annex SL with the ISO 9001:2015 standard, it has become possible to combine standards and processes into a single auditing program. EtQ Reliance Audit Solution provides the ability to upload multiple checklists and combine ISO or other regulatory audits, ensuring that your auditing team is auditing an operational area and processes, versus multiple ISO audits that essentially cover the same area. This improves efficiency in allocating resources, as well as identifying common risks across various standards and initiatives.

Managing the Total Audit Lifecycle with EtQ Reliance

The goal of most organizations is to provide full traceability in the auditing process, so that the management of the audit lifecycle follows a closed-loop methodology. EtQ’s risk-based workflow technology helps to provide the traceability that companies need to truly be effective in mitigating risk, affecting change, and continuously improvement their compliance system. From the initial audit, you are in control of the workflow, the process, the area to be audited, and EtQ Reliance provides you the flexibility to stay on top of compliance. Furthermore, EtQ is able to link audit findings to Corrective Action, Change Management and enterprise reporting. This helps you to close the loop on the audit, from event detection to event correction and improvement. Learn More about EtQ Reliance

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