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Managing Your Risk Has Its Rewards™ with Risk Management Software.

EtQ's quantitative Risk Management technology provides a systematic and objective means of building risk into all processes. This helps you to make better decisions, filter events and mitigate and prevent risks within your compliance system.


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  Make Every Process a Risk-Based Process.  
  EtQ's Risk tools are built to enable you to create risk templates and configure them into any process. Create risk matrices that automatically calculate risk, incorporate decision trees, add risk filtering—it is all possible in EtQ.  
Risk tools provide multiple levels of risk ranking Filter out adverse events by their risk   Use any number of Risk Models: Risk Matrix, FMEA, Decision Tree, HACCP/HARPC, or Bowtie
Record and Report on Risk.

Part of making better decisions is leveraging risk to your advantage. EtQ's Risk Register is design to collect all risks within your solution to provide a full picture of risk within your organization.

  • Risk History: Build a history of Risk within the register
  • Risk Reporting: Identify trends and risk analysis across multiple departments
  • Enterprise Risk Management: Provide corporate-level reports on Risk and Enterprise Risk Management



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Predict Risks Before They Even Happen.

For some events, you just can't wait for something to happen to mitigate risk. EtQ's Bowtie Risk Management tool was designed for this. Simply build out threats and hazards and put in place controls to prevent or mitigate an undesired event and leverage those controls to reduce risks before they happen.

  • Build out any number of controls to a single event
  • Identify and graphically map out your risks in a single interface
  • Measure the effectiveness of your controls
  • Analyze the impact of controls
More Risk Tools for Any Type of Process.

EtQ believes that risk is a true benchmark of compliance, and has built various risk methods that enable you to make better decisions, anticipate risks, and take actions to mitigate and prevent risk through automation in operations.

  • FMEA, Decision trees, Risk Matrix, HACCP/HARPC, Bowtie and more
  • Incorporate risk tools into any process
  • Enterprise Risk Management processes to manage the entire risk dynamic throughout the enterprise



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Easy to Use, Invaluable to Deploy.

Risk Management is one of those concepts that can be daunting for companies to adopt. With EtQ, risk is as easy as dragging a section to a form. EtQ makes adding risk to your existing processes easy and effective.


Easily build risk templates in a configurable interface, set business rules and deploy to any form. Apply risk to your processes in a user friendly way and make risk a part of your process.

Risk Management Software Utility and Risk Assessment by EtQ

Risk management and risk assessment are not new to the quality and compliance industry. In fact, risk has been a prominent feature in such standards as ISO 13485:2003, ISO 14971, and more. Quality Management, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) and Compliance Management systems evolve, the concept of incorporating risk assessment into quality processes is becoming more and more a necessity.

Recognizing this need, EtQ has developed a stand-alone risk assessment software utility, called the Risk Register. The Risk Register allows users to configure and integrate risk-based assessment tables within all of EtQ's modules, or as an independent risk event, and serves as a central repository for all risk items and controls. From the EtQ Risk Register, users can create risk assessment templates, with tables and charts to identify severity, frequency, or other risk-based criteria. These templates can be used for an independent risk assessment event, and can be linked to modules within the EtQ Quality, EHS, andCompliance Management Software system. The result is an integrated risk assessment tool that calculates the risk of quality events at every step of the process, thereby improving overall quality, and reducing recurrence of critical events.

This risk-based filtering allows companies to:

  • Automatically segregate and categorize events at the source module level (Complaints, Audits, etc.)
  • Automatically identify and display risk assessment for related events
  • Initial risk assessment to allow early closure of non-critical events
  • Risk assessment is calculated throughout the process to guide decision-making
  • Full investigation with step-by-step root cause analysis to ensure overall impact of events
  • Automatic lookup and display of related investigations and CAPAs
  • Comprehensive Risk Based CAPA Software action and effectiveness check plan with risk mitigation history

Using the Risk Register, companies can reduce the number of CAPAs by filtering out non-critical events and investigating only those events that have a critical impact on the enterprise. Each risk assessment event incorporates risk mitigation tracking, to ensure that corrective and preventive actions reduce the risk to appropriate levels.
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The Risk Register furthers the concept of continuous improvement by allowing companies to build risk portfolios for individual products. This allows the enterprise to leverage previous risk assessments, all the way back to product design, to quickly identify the appropriate risk level and resolution for Quality, EHS and FDA Compliance events.
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