EtQ Value Studies

EtQ's Value Studies provide insight into common business challenges and show where EtQ's solution alleviates those challenges. In this guidebook, we will break down some of the key aspects of the Quality Management system (QMS) and show real-world cases where organizations have used these capabilities to enhance adverse event correction, ensure more efficient complaint handling, simplify the document control process and more.

Simplifying the Process of Handling Complaints for Your Organization
At some point or another, every business will be faced with incoming complaints that signal the time for a change. It’s essential that when this time comes, you have the capability to handle these complaints in the most efficient manner possible.

How to Effectively Manage and Address Your Organization’s Adverse Events
Oftentimes in business we’ll see that adverse events are initiated into a corrective action, regardless of criticality. While it may seem effective to take the “just in case” approach and treat each event as a corrective action, doing so will eventually impede visibility of those highly critical events. This happens because there is no qualification process to separate the critical events from the noncritical.

How Centralizing Your Business Processes can Increase Your Return on Investment
As businesses grow, they often add more processes to fill a need—whether that need is for corrective action, document control, auditing, and more. However, what happens over time is that although the organization is adding processes, they are often not integrated.

Why Eliminating the Paper Chase Will Promote More Efficient Document Management
Organizations need a way to ensure that all employees have a centralized, standardized and controlled method for accessing records. This method needs to ensure that the most up-to-date and relevant information is available and trained upon.

Eliminating the Disconnect in Global Enterprises
Global sites have become more common in today’s businesses—with this evolution comes the need for better communication. Without an effective method of communication between all sites, you may be faced with challenges such as inconsistent business processes, difficulty maintaining compliance and lack of visibility into other sites across your organization.

Increasing Visibility within Your Organization: The Importance of Scalability
When it comes to business processes, scalability tends to be overlooked. However, it is beneficial to look for an enterprise solution that will support your organization not just now, but in the future. If your processes cannot be scaled to accommodate growth, once your company outgrows its existing processes, you will have to start looking for a replacement. This will cost you even more time and money in the long run.

Increase Visibility into Supplier Processes and Reap the Benefits of Collaboration
Many of today’s business processes continue to be siloed—cut off from other processes throughout an organization, with no ability to communicate or collaborate. These siloed processes don’t just obstruct visibility within the organization; they also limit visibility into other critical outside processes, such as those belonging to suppliers.