EtQ Product Papers/Brochures

EtQ Reliance for Pharmaceuticals
EtQ has recognized the need for Regulatory Compliance, and has developed a solution that provides organizations with the visibility and control of processes, mitigation of risks, and regulatory reporting and submission to provide a closed-loop pharmaceutical regulatory compliance solution.

Reliance Mobile Platform
With EtQ’s Mobile platform, you can work online or offline. Simply sync the forms you wish to use, work offline in the field, and then resync with your Enterprise system when ready. The data you record will automatically appear in the enterprise solution.

Deploying EtQ's Cloud Solution in a Regulated Environment
Read about EtQ's fully compliant Quality and Compliance Management Solution that is flexible enough to meet the needs of regulated companies, while providing several options for managed services in the cloud.

EtQ for Aviation Safety
With all of the events occurring within aviation, whether it is a Safety, Environmental, Quality, or Financial issues, this creates a need for an Integrated Aviation Management System (IAMS). An effective IAMS would be a seamless integrated system that is easy to use and would effectively manage aviation operations in accordance with the standards set forth by the regulatory bodies of the Aviation industry.

EtQ Centralized Reporting
In any Quality or EHS Management System, the ability to view business intelligence and use it to make informed decisions is key to success. EtQ has developed several tools to help companies gather intelligence quickly and effectively, and provides the tools to aid in the decision-making process. With EtQ Enterprise Reporting, all the information related to the Quality or EHS system is readily available and easy to report on.

EtQ Document Management System
EtQ comes with a powerful Document Control application ideally suited to managing quality system documentation. But many companies have already implemented document management systems (DMS), sometimes referred to as enterprise content management systems (ECM), and want to store their quality documents in the same document repository.

EtQ for Environmental Health & Safety
In today's growing global market with increasing compliance pressure, companies are standardizing their Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) initiatives to protect not only the workplace and the environment, but to ensure customer's trust and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements of the markets they serve. Standards and initiatives such as ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 serve as the framework that enables companies to comply with all environmental, health, and safety standards.

EtQ for Food & Beverage
The Food and Beverage industry is under tremendous pressure to produce at the highest level of quality and safety. Recent increases in recalls can be attributed to the FDA tightening oversight and requiring compliance to various food safety initiatives. Standards and initiatives such as ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 serve as the framework that enables companies to comply with all environmental, health, and safety standards.

EtQ for Life Sciences
In the Life Sciences industry, only the most innovative and cost-eff ective products will survive. Success in this industry requires adherence to applicable Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations (including 21 CFR 820 and 21 CFR Part 11), and may also involve meeting ISO standard requirements (such as ISO 13485). Rapid product development processes that are responsive to changing market demands are key to meeting the needs of this industry.

EtQ Mobile Audits
Mobility has revolutionized the way we use technology to manage and track Audits within our system. With the advent of mobile devices, “being connected” while conducting an audit is no longer a constraint. The functionality inherent in EtQ’s Mobile Audit Management solution improves the total experience by ensuring that flexibility is not sacrificed for mobility. Learn some of the new features and capabilities of EtQ’s Mobile Audit Management software.

EtQ for Manufacturing
Manufacturers, whether discrete or process are under tremendous pressure to improve quality and compliance in their respective industries. With a requirement for compliance with quality standards such as ISO 9000, a system that can effectively and effi ciently manage quality initiatives while complying with regulations has become a necessity for success. In addition, certification to quality management standards such as ISO 9000, ISO/TS 16949, AS9100, and environmental, health, and safety management standards like ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 have become a crucial part of the quality, environmental, health, and safety systems within manufacturing.

EtQ Reliance
EtQ Reliance is a web-based, enterprise system for quality and compliance management. Built on EtQ's Flexible Workflow Engine™, it allows the workflows, forms, sections, fields, reports, and even the look-and-feel to be configured without programming. Using this technology, users are able to match their business processes exactly.

EtQ Reliance Cloud Portal
The Reliance Cloud Portal is a cloud-based Reliance installation that is available to all Reliance customers. It provides a safe, secure way for you to extend your processes to external parties. Suppliers, customers, remote workers—anyone you permit. These external entities may be involved in your workflow processes without having any direct access your network or your internal Reliance environment.