EtQ Industry Guidebooks

EHS Risk Management Guidebook: A Practical How-To Guide
Across many industries, problems with collaboration and data analysis present roadblocks to effective risk management. Common difficulties include ineffective cross-departmental collaboration, disparate data systems that don’t talk to each other and inefficiency of archaic systems. This guidebook will provide a practical approach to EHS risk management from a technology perspective.

The Risk Management Guidebook: Strategies, Tools for Success and Other Insights
Regardless of industry, whether you’re an enterprise or small to mid-sized business—the common denominator is risk. What can companies do to not just reduce risks, but prevent them from occurring in the first place? The answer lies in having an automated Risk Management System. This guidebook provides you with a selection of our risk-based literature, all in one place.

Driving EHS Performance With Technology: Enabling Operational Excellence with a Holistic Technology Framework
Between the rise of mobile devices, Big Data, the Internet of Things, social media, and sentiment analysis, there’s a new EHS paradigm at hand, and progressive manufacturers need to adapt and adopt the right technological tools in order to compete and outperform effectively. Read this guidebook and explore the relationship between EHS performance and operational excellence against the backdrop of both ‘old’ and ‘new’ EHS landscapes.

EQMS Solution Selection Best Practices for Global Enterprises
The results are in: Research has shown that Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS) has proven to dramatically transform operations for the better. And organizations are taking notice—recent research based on more than 1,200 global organizations reveals that 40% of companies were in the planning stages of EQMS in 2014, a number that has risen swiftly over the past decade. This informative eBook presents a roadmap for steering the process to successful selection and deployment of EQMS.

EHS Compliance Guidebook: How to Choose & Implement an EHS Solution
Companies are standardizing their Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) initiatives to protect the workplace and environment, as well as ensure customers' trust and compliance with regulations of every market. Read how to choose and implement an EHS system that will help you through the full lifecycle of achieving and maintaining safety compliance.

Food Safety Guidebook: Best Practices, Tips, & More
Whether it's implementing one of the Food Safety initiatives, getting the latest updates on the Food Safety Modernization Act, or just evaluating the best practices solutions on the market, the concept of Food Safety Management is at the forefront of the discussion. Read this guide on Food Safety Software, and learn how to ensure an effective food safety system with best practices and tips for implementation success.

Life Sciences Guidebook: Best Practices for FDA Compliance Solutions
In a market where high-demand causes organizations to seek software systems that will fit into their complex business infrastructure, the pressure to find the right system often causes angst to many. Learn some of the key elements to spotting a good FDA Compliance solution, techniques for achieving Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Compliance, and how to ensure that Quality and Compliance are met in the Life Science industry.

QMS Guidebook: Selecting, Implementing, and Using QMS Software Solutions
As the world market evolves, product lifecycles are speeding up to accommodate market demand and keep up with competing products. As a result, quality benchmarks need to evolve as well. Read this guide on Quality Management Systems (QMS) and learn how your company can save time, increase your ROI and more.

Risk in QMS & EHS Guidebook: Building a Compliant Risk Management Program
Risk management is fast becoming the new benchmark in the decision making paradigm. What makes risk so powerful in a changing world is its consistency-it is an objective and systematic method for identifying hazards and assessing the level of harm the hazard may incur. Read this guide on Risk Management and learn how to build a powerful risk management system for your business.