Total Quality Management Systems & Solutions by EtQ

EtQ's system for Total Quality Management provides a best in class solution for automating critical business processes. Quality Management Systems provide an overreaching solution for identifying corrective actions, issuing risk assessments and identifying risks, as well as enabling trending among adverse events across the enterprise.

Leading Quality and Systems Management solutions provide benefits such as flexibility to more easily adapt to business processes; scalability for the software to grow in relation to the business; integration to enhance communication between modules; and reporting to help an organization find trends in different departments across their enterprise. These capabilities are an integral part of leading Management Systems and help to enhance quality processes across an organization's enterprise.

EtQ's Quality Systems Management allows an organization to fully configure forms and fields, which promotes end user acceptance of the software, as they can adapt the EtQ system to the look and feel of their existing business processes. Type-ahead text and intuitive fields provide a simple and efficient method of filling in the data. These capabilities are just some the ways in which EtQ's Total Quality Management System can enhance the user experience, improve productivity and help to streamline quality operations.

What is Total Quality Management (TQM) Software?

In today’s market, the need to maintain a high level of quality is paramount to success. Quality Management Software solutions provide a holistic and scalable solution for automating processes, integrating business systems, and fostering collaboration and continuous improvement.

From modules built to automate your common business needs to flexible workflow and compliance with ISO 9001 requirements, EtQ’s QMS was developed with your needs in mind.

EtQ’s solution provides the following benefits:

Streamlines Processes and Increases Efficiency

With EtQ, you are able to automate the routing, review and approval processes to ensure work is kept on track and intelligent business rules manage the process. EtQ reduces your time to complete, and eliminates the need to continuously follow-up on overdue tasks.

Best Practice Modules Built with You in Mind

EtQ has built its Quality Management solution on a foundation of over 20 best practice modules, which enables you to leverage and configure processes to meet your needs. All modules meet common standards for ISO 9000 and similar initiatives for your business.

Traceability, from Event Detection to Event Correction

The power of EtQ’s QMS Platform is the ability to automatically integrate modules. Data is inherited from one process to the next, and you can launch a Corrective Action directly from any adverse event, and have the data traced back to its source. This way, you can view the entire history of an event, from the moment it was recorded to the moment it was resolved.

Promote Visibility with an Integrated Quality Management Hub

Effective Quality Management integrates data from multiple business systems. EtQ is designed to enable multiple integration methods to connect to other systems within your organization. This integration enables Quality to be a Hub for all operational excellence within the business.

Foster Continuous Improvement and Organizational Change

Quality Management isn’t just about process efficiency, it is about continuously improving and leveraging the data to make better, more informed decisions. EtQ has a robust set of solutions to provide visibility into the data, affect management of change, and help companies make better decisions.

EtQ's Quality Management Software provides the foundation for identifying trends, mitigating risks, and preventing risks from recurring. Its workflow-based platform automates and provides a total quality solution for processes such as Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA), Document Control, Risk Management, Audits, Training, Change Management, and more.

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