A Global, Integrated Solution.

EtQ’s solutions provide one of the most robust technology platforms for scalability and integration. Using configurable tools and methodologies, you can integrate all areas of the business to EtQ and deploy a global solution from a single, harmonized environment.

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Integrate All Your Data with EtQ.

You’ve got loads of data all over your organization—don’t re-enter it, leverage it! EtQ offers a comprehensive set of integration technologies that dramatically reduces the effort associated with integration. EtQ provides multiple options to integrate successfully by leveraging standard technologies like SQL, Web Services and Java®. Leverage the data from your customers, suppliers, products and employees—pull it into EtQ automatically!

How Integration with EtQ Can Benefit your Organization


Eliminate Double Entry

Reduce the time and cost of dual-entry by looking up information directly from your existing business systems.

Bidirectional Integration

Eliminate the compliance gap by automatically converting data identified by other systems into events in EtQ

Inherit Data

Prevent poor data quality by selecting from existing data in external systems

Track On Hold products

Minimize risk in product releases by scanning systems for open Quality issues and automatically preventing releases if issues are found

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EtQ Reliance integration methods

You Choose How You Want to Integrate.

No two systems are alike, and you may need to explore different paths to integrate your systems. EtQ has you covered with a multitude of proven integration methods.

  • Lookup Master Data: Pull in data from other systems in the form of a database lookup
  • Push or Pull Data: Transfer data between EtQ and other business systems on a pre-defined frequency or based on a pre-defined event to streamline processes that span multiple systems
  • Connection Profiles: Easily import master data from external systems to EtQ—create an integrated system in minutes

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Publish to SharePoint.

Many organizations are using Microsoft SharePoint as part of their companies business operations, and at EtQ, we play well with SharePoint. Take advantage of your existing data and publish EtQ records, documents and data to SharePoint seamlessly.

Create location-specific or user-specific processes and elements, maintain a corporate process, and add location-unique elements. Harmonize to a single, holistic solution worldwide, and one central location provides a more focused IT footprint and reduces infrastructure overhead.

Publish to Sharepoint

We’re an SAP Partner.

Not only is EtQ able to integrate business systems from any type, we’re also a certified SAP Partner for Enterprise Services. This means that we know how to integrate with SAP, and have experience in connecting EtQ to SAP deployments. Integrate SAP Master Data, SAP HCM, SAP Complaints Processing, SAP Manufacturing Execution and more.

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